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Epoxy coating is tougher than paint, and bonds even better with prepared surfaces, such as a garage floor. It's extremely difficult trying to get water residue off the floor, but not when you have epoxy garage floor coating.

3 Things You Need to Know About Epoxy Flooring

If there’s one element in your space that requires extra consideration and thought, it’s probably the floors. Think of it this way, you can probably avoid nailing items on walls and make sure the ceiling stays spotless by cleaning weekly, but you can’t stop walking on...

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Epoxy is a polymer-based resin that acts as a protective coat for surfaces. US$141 billion was spent worldwide on floor-coverings in 2019. This is expected to increase to US$178 billion by 2025, with epoxy resin being one of the significant floor-covering elements.

Epoxy floor coating seals your floor and adds an aesthetic element to your space. It also brings safety, which enhancing workability.

Due to their versatility, epoxy floors can be used anywhere. The options are limitless for commercial and industrial flooring like mechanic shops and garages or residential homes and hotels.

There are numerous other advantages of opting for epoxy covering for your floors:

Aesthetically pleasing

With a smooth, shiny, and seamless appearance, epoxy floors are bright and professional compared to ordinary floors.

They’re available in various finishes like marbled, granite, and an array of color combinations.

Metallic epoxy coatings are also captivating options to use in hotels and showrooms. You can also opt for patterns and designs of your choice.

Economical choice

Epoxy flooring is relatively an inexpensive flooring option compared to other types of flooring.

It can be applied directly on top of pre-existing concrete, wood, or steel surfaces—this makes it affordable.

Resistant to wear and tear

Epoxy floors are resistant to many chemicals such as solvents and acids. Apart from this, they can easily resist wear and tear without the need for regular maintenance.

Their weather-resistant properties also make them an ideal choice for home and garage installation.

Easy maintenance

As the floors are seamless and liquid-tight, they prevent mold and bacteria from growing and thriving in the corners of the floor.

There’s no longer a need to get worried about blotches on the floor. Almost all substances spilled over an epoxy floors can be mopped with detergent and water, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Eco friendly

Epoxy flooring is deemed as an eco-friendly option as it doesn’t need to be constantly replaced and requires few materials for its preparation.

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Epoxy flooring contractors in New Jersey advise underfloor heating as epoxy floors tend to get cold often.

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