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Polished concrete has various benefits that have made it a popular flooring choice for commercial and manufacturing facilities. In fact, the size of the global polished concrete market is expected to increase from USD 2.2 billion in 2020 to USD 3.0 billion by 2025.

When constructed according to the appropriate standards, concrete outshines other flooring alternatives. It’s an attractive, resilient flooring option that can be both affordable and ecologically maintained.

As it’s one of the most versatile flooring options, it can also perfectly fit into a residential setting if combined with the proper furniture, color, and decor.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of polished concrete floors.


  1. Durability and strength

Concrete flooring, when properly installed, is durable as it can sustain wear and tear over a significant period. It’s naturally tough and resistant as it can handle the pressure of heavy equipment.

  1. Easy maintenance

It’s considerably easy to clean and maintain polished concrete surfaces. It only requires dusting and mopping regularly to prevent dust and stains from collecting on the floor.

  1. Anti- Microbial Properties

Unlike wood, concrete flooring is impermeable. An additional polished coat over it reinforces the non-permeable nature of this type of flooring. This prevents bacteria and other germs from accumulating.

4.Design options

Recent technological developments have made it easy to personalize polished concrete flooring these days. You can customize concrete with different colors, textures, and patterns of your choice.


  1. Cool temperatures

Polished concrete floors can’t retain heat as it naturally gets cold to the touch like tiles or marbled flooring. You can embed heating cables in concrete flooring to manage the heat loss and maintain temperature.

  1. Loud

Concrete surfaces tend to create an echo when you walk on them or drop something. To overcome this, you can use sound-absorbing items like rugs over some areas.

  1. Hard

Due to its sturdy nature, concrete can be very uncomfortable to stand or walk on for a considerable amount of time. Mats can be used for a more comfortable experience.

  1. Moisture

If the concrete surface isn’t adequately sealed on both top and bottom surfaces, it will be prone to moisture penetration. If the liquid penetrates the concrete floor, it can sit there and lead to mold growth, which causes the development of cracks over time.

People walking on a polished concrete floor of a hotel in New JerseyIf an experienced floor contractor installs your polished concrete floor in New Jersey, you won’t need stripping or waxing treatments to maintain floor polish.

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