Epoxy Flooring vs. Polished Concrete Flooring

A lot of people don’t know how to choose between epoxy flooring and polished concrete flooring. To make the right choice, you need to know the benefits of each. We’ve compiled a list of them to help you make a better and informed decision. What’s Epoxy Flooring? Epoxy...

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5 Benefits of Polishing Your Concrete Floors

Flooring speaks volumes about your commercial space. If you have concrete floors,there’s a high chance they might end up looking dull in some time. One way that is undoubtedly going to help you is polishing. You can opt for various designs when polishing concrete....

Mechanical vs. Tropical Concrete Polishing

Polished concrete may seem pretty easy to get, but there are two different processes:

Epoxy Flooring In The Automobile Industry

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Epoxy Flooring For A Daycare

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Why Your Garage Needs An Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy coating is tougher than paint, and bonds even better with prepared surfaces, such as a garage floor. It's extremely difficult trying to get water residue off the floor, but not when you have epoxy garage floor coating.

3 Things You Need to Know About Epoxy Flooring

If there’s one element in your space that requires extra consideration and thought, it’s probably the floors. Think of it this way, you can probably avoid nailing items on walls and make sure the ceiling stays spotless by cleaning weekly, but you can’t stop walking on...

Epoxy Flooring For Food Production

Food production factories have to take a lot into account when it comes to flooring and walls, as they need to ensure products; quality and health. This is why epoxy flooring may be the best choice fro them:

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Epoxy flooring isn’t just great to look at, but it’s also durable. However, with time, it can look worn out. If you don’t take care of it in time, it will become difficult to maintain it.

Here are some tips for maintaining the shine of your epoxy floor.

a shining epoxy floor

Clean The Floor Regularly And Thoroughly

This is the first step to keeping your epoxy floor shining. If you can’t keep up with regular upkeep, your floor will look dingy and dull in no time at all!

Start by sweeping away small debris like pet hair or grit from shoes with a broom or a vacuum cleaner before mopping it with a sponge mop to remove any grime embedded in the grout lines.

If the space gets a lot of dust, consider installing an electrical dust extractor to suck out excess particles after you mop.

a clean and shining epoxy floor

Use The Proper Type Of Mop

If you’re using a bucket and sponge, make sure that you use an appropriate cleaning solution, typically soap and water.

Try using an electric floor scrubber or a microfiber mop with an attached squeegee for a more efficient cleaning job. Be sure to rinse the mop often so that it’s properly sanitized between uses to prevent the spread of nasty bacteria and germs.

Use A Proper Cleaning Solution Or Polish For Your Floor Type

Epoxy floors are easy to maintain and clean largely because they’re so resilient. However, if you’re not using the correct cleaning solution, polish, or sealant for them, you can do more harm than good.

Be sure to check in with the manufacturer of your tile to see what type of solution and polish they recommend.

Get A Floor Buffer

If you have a smaller space with several different types of tiles and don’t have enough time to clean them all each week thoroughly, consider investing in a floor buffer. This will allow you to take care of tile maintenance quickly and easily without taking too much time out of your day.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals And Cleaners Around The Tile

Chemicals like bleach and ammonia are all big no-no when it comes to washing your floors. If you’re dealing with an especially stubborn stain, it’s best to avoid using these chemicals altogether until you can figure out what’s causing the issue.

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