Epoxy Vs. Concrete: Which One Is Better For Your Garage?

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A Brief Guide To Epoxy Flooring

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5 Benefits of Polishing Your Concrete Floors

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Mechanical vs. Tropical Concrete Polishing

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Epoxy Flooring In The Automobile Industry

Whether you need it for your showroom, garage, or auto shop, epoxy flooring has a ton of benefits. Let's get rolling:

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With the rise of alternative careers, portfolio careers, self-employment, and an abundance of handsomely paid creative pursuits, we’re finally seeing a huge majority of millennials buying their own homes for the first time in history. And it’s an incredibly refreshing change!

From what we’ve seen, there’s a huge difference in their preferences and tastes compared to boomers and Gen X. Focusing more on aesthetic and design, millennial buyers tend to look for elements that combine great functionality with even greater looks.

Here are three design elements that make a house look aesthetically pleasing; if you’re considering buying a house and are a millennial, you should look out for these too!

A Classy Patio—With The Perfect Floor Coating

For millennials, outdoor spaces are the new hallways. Given this fact, one of the most important areas in a millennial home needs to be the patio, and this includes a floor that can accommodate different styles and décor themes.

A modern garage with a neatly done epoxy floor and lots of luxury cars.

A Neat And Modern Interior Floor

The second essential design element that makes sure a house is fit to be inhabited by millennials is a neat and modern floor that is easy to clean, while serving as a foundation for all kinds of furniture, carpets, and rugs. It should also be affordable with regard to installation and maintenance.

These kinds of floors add an element of elegance to a space and make it look more expensive and luxurious than it is. One great way to go about this is by investing in concrete polishing. Concrete polishing is also stain-resistant, which is great for homes with pets.

Garage Floor Epoxy

An epoxy garage floor not only makes the house look well-maintained, but it also increases the lifespan of the concrete. Lastly, it raises the value of the house, as the floor indicates that you were willing to invest in your home.

If you love these decorative epoxy floors ideas and feel like the floors in your home and garage could use a facelift, don’t hesitate to contact our team in NJ by calling us at (973) 779-1091. We specialize in self-leveling, Polished Concrete Floors NJ and shot blasting, among other flooring options. Request a quote today!