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Did you know that polished concrete installations constitute about 20% of new flooring installations every year?

Polished concrete is increasingly getting popular for its aesthetic and durability advantages among industrial and residential owners. It’s basically a standard concrete ground with sustainable materials to create a more reflective, durable, and shinier floor surface.

However, people are still indecisive about whether or not they should go for this flooring solution. In this blog, we’ve compiled some reasons why you should go for Polished Concrete Floors NJ.

1. High Strength and Durability

Polished concrete floors have high endurance and strength and can withstand tons of heavy traffic. They’re resilient against scratches and floor-damages.

Moreover, polished concrete floors can last up to ten years without the heavy maintenance. They can even last more than a decade if installed and finished correctly. They’ve a greater average life than carpeting or wood laminating in most cases.

2. Stains and Marks Resistant

Among all the flooring options, polished concrete floors have the most substantial resistance against greasy stains and marks. Polished concrete floors convert the porous floors into dense, tightened floors that prevent the contaminants from penetrating the surface.

That’s why many commercial and residential facilities, especially warehouses, opt for polished concrete floors. They’re also best for garages as they bear no tire abrasiveness or scratches.

A polished concrete floor installed in a residential facility

3. Polished Concrete Floors Are Eco-Friendly

Many flooring types use the accumulation of mold, allergens, and mildew during the installation phase. Polished concrete floors use existing concrete and no hazardous chemicals in their installations, making them sustainable and eco-friendly.

They’re also energy efficient. During summers, they prevent the heat from trapping in the floors, reducing air conditioning. They’re LEED friendly and improve the indoor air quality.

4. Affordability and Aesthetics

Polished concrete floors are the most affordable option as compared to vinyl, laminate, or hardwood flooring. Constructors cost charges per square meter, which is lower for polished concrete floors. If you’ve already installed a concrete slab and only need polishing, the charges are minimal.

Due to the smooth and polished finish, polished concrete brightens up the ambiance 30 times more than unpolished concrete. You can save on your electricity bills alongside enjoying a reflective, shiny surface.

5. Low Maintenance

Unlike linoleum and tile flooring that need vigorous scrubbing for a clean and sanitized surface, concrete floors are easily maintained with damp mopping and sweeping. They’re one of the easiest floors to clean to preserve their sheen and to prevent dust accumulation.

If a high-quality floor-manufacturer installs them, they don’t need stripping or waxing treatments to maintain their gloss.

Now that you know the valuable benefits of polished concrete floors, you may get interested in their installation. At Esposito Epoxy Installations, LLC, we offer installation of decorative epoxy floors, polished concrete floors, shot blasting, and floor leveling.

If you’re interested in getting your manufacturing, residential, or commercial facilities installed with polished concrete floors, contact us at (973) 779-1091. Request a quick quote now.