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Epoxy floors have been used commercially since the 1930s. They are most commonly used in garages, industrial spaces, warehouses, and other commercial buildings. This essentially tells us one very important thing about them—they are incredibly durable.

Moreover, epoxy floors don’t just look great, but they’re super easy to maintain. One has to be doing something really wrong to mess them up.

That being said, here are a few tips you can try to make them shine like new for years to come.

Avoid Direct Contact Between the Epoxy and Sharp Objects

Although epoxy floors are extremely scratch-resistant, it would pay off to be extra careful. All you really need to do is add soft pads underneath items that you think maybe too rough for the floor. Also, avoid dragging across any particularly heavy furniture.

If you are moving any heavy machinery around, make sure the floor is clean of any dirt or grit as it will scratch and get embedded into the floor as you drag an object across.

Clean Often and Clean Right

Just because they’re durable doesn’t mean they don’t need any cleaning. However, the great news is that epoxy floors are pretty easy to clean. Just make sure to sweep them every day with a soft broom—this will ensure there’s no dust or debris buildup.

Also, wash them once a week. Think of this as a weekly deep-cleaning routine. You can use a mop or an automatic floor scrubber; just make sure it’s gentle.

However, if the epoxy floor is in a commercial space with a lot of foot traffic, it would be wise to mop every other day rather than just once a week.

A spotless epoxy floor in a commercial kitchen

Don’t Leave Tough Stains for Too Long

If something spills on the floor, you should clean it right away. While most things won’t spoil the floor much, some substances can leave stains when left for too long. For instance, in an industrial space, if you drop some engine oil, you’d want to take care of it right away instead of leaving the stain to be tackled at the end of the day.

But make sure to use the right cleaning tools and items that do the job while being gentle on the epoxy. A simple solution of water and ammonia should work for most stains without damaging the epoxy. Stay away from any harsh metal scrubbers or steel wool, though.

If you’re considering epoxy floors for your space, it’s a great idea since they’re so easy to maintain. Just make sure to invest in premium quality like the one we offer at Esposito.

We have some of the best epoxy floors to offer in New Jersey, and we also provide vinyl flooring, Polished Concrete NJ and polishing, and much more in NJ.

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