Epoxy Flooring vs. Polished Concrete Flooring

A lot of people don’t know how to choose between epoxy flooring and polished concrete flooring. To make the right choice, you need to know the benefits of each. We’ve compiled a list of them to help you make a better and informed decision. What’s Epoxy Flooring? Epoxy...

How to Keep Your Epoxy Floor Shining

Epoxy flooring isn't just great to look at, but it's also durable. However, with time, it can look worn out. If you don’t take care of it in time, it will become difficult to maintain it. Here are some tips for maintaining the shine of your epoxy floor. Clean The...

A Brief Guide To Epoxy Flooring

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5 Benefits of Polishing Your Concrete Floors

Flooring speaks volumes about your commercial space. If you have concrete floors,there’s a high chance they might end up looking dull in some time. One way that is undoubtedly going to help you is polishing. You can opt for various designs when polishing concrete....

Mechanical vs. Tropical Concrete Polishing

Polished concrete may seem pretty easy to get, but there are two different processes:

Epoxy Flooring In The Automobile Industry

Whether you need it for your showroom, garage, or auto shop, epoxy flooring has a ton of benefits. Let's get rolling:

Epoxy Flooring For A Daycare

Can it withstand everything active children throw at it? A responsible daycare staff know that children spend a lot of time on the floor. This is why it's important t o choose the flooring that is hygienic and safe:

How Epoxy Coating Can Revamp Your Office Space

Epoxy is a versatile flooring material because it can be cured in different ways to meet your aesthetic needs. Here's why epoxy is an economical and durable material to improve yours aesthetic needs

Why Your Garage Needs An Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy coating is tougher than paint, and bonds even better with prepared surfaces, such as a garage floor. It's extremely difficult trying to get water residue off the floor, but not when you have epoxy garage floor coating.

3 Things You Need to Know About Epoxy Flooring

If there’s one element in your space that requires extra consideration and thought, it’s probably the floors. Think of it this way, you can probably avoid nailing items on walls and make sure the ceiling stays spotless by cleaning weekly, but you can’t stop walking on...

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Epoxy floors are widely used in a number of residential and industrial settings and locations. No longer limited to warehouses or manufacturing units, these floors serve a multitude of purposes.

From providing a more durable, low-maintenance foundation for homes and residential areas, to catering to hospital ERs and surgical rooms with their high sterilization capacity, epoxy floors have become all-round stars in the flooring industry.

However, where there are stars, there are myths and misconceptions. Here are three common beliefs about epoxy floor coating NJ that are far from the truth:

Paint Coatings Are Just As Effective

While paint coatings may provide some level of shine and gloss, they are nowhere near as durable as epoxy floor coatings.

Epoxy floors and coatings are heat-resistant, water-proof, scratch-resistant, and can bear consistent heavy weights. On the other hand, paint coatings don’t provide any of these features and won’t protect your floors from stains, water, and microorganism growth like spores and mildew.

Even decorative epoxy floors bond with the concrete they’re placed on to create a seamless, liquid-resistant foundation—which is something paint coatings simply can’t provide.

Epoxy Floor Coatings Are Expensive

Many people believe that epoxy floors are a costly investment. On the contrary, they’re among the more economical options on the market. The floor and installation costs depend vastly on the size of your space but are relatively low.

The upkeep also helps slash the price of maintaining epoxy floors—easily making them more economical in the long run. You don’t have to worry about shelling out $$$ on monthly maintenance or yearly restoration.

Professional Installation Isn’t A Requirement

Many people believe that getting epoxy floors installed by professional epoxy flooring contractors isn’t a requirement. However, this isn’t true. Professionals can not only assess and ensure the quality and durability of the floors, but also point out any issues in your concrete that need to be addressed prior to installation.

If you’re looking for an epoxy flooring company in NJ to help you install the floors you require, you can’t go wrong with our skilled team of experts at Epoxy Guy. Among other flooring and installation services, our specialties include flooring systems, shot blasting, concrete polishing NJ and self-leveling floors. Contact us here if you have any queries. We’re always happy to help!