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1. Self-Leveling Flooring Systems: Purpose: Self-leveling epoxy flooring is designed to create a smooth, level surface. It's ideal for areas with uneven floors or where a seamless and polished appearance is desired. Application: The epoxy mixture is poured onto the...

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The Benefits of Choosing Epoxy Flooring for Your Commercial or Industrial Space Epoxy flooring is a popular choice for commercial and industrial settings because of its durability and ability to withstand heavy wear and tear. In addition to being long-lasting, epoxy...


Epoxy flooring seems to be the top choice for many builders now. Although they have been around for a while, consumers are not fully familiar with their concept yet. Epoxy or resinous flooring is a sustainable, long-lasting, and customizable flooring system, which...

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You may have a general idea of what epoxy is. The component epoxy is made by combining two major elements, which are hardeners and resins. Epoxy can do wonders to your commercial space floorings as it prevents damages and cracks on the concrete floors.

Normal concrete floors in commercial spaces are more prone to damage due to the increased engagement of heavy machinery and a large number of people. These damages can result in significant maintenance costs and can even endanger the workers on the floor. Which is why epoxy flooring should be a top priority for your commercial and industrial spaces.

How do Epoxy floors NJ help you in your commercial and industrial spaces? Epoxy floors are considered as saviours of commercial and business spaces. As we stated above, they really do wonders to your floorings by providing strength, durability, safety in many aspects and absolute lower maintenance charges that will save your budgets to a great extent.

Epoxy, when installed, converts itself into a polymer that is solid in state and it gets stronger by time, preventing decay of chemicals. As it grows stronger, the durability of the flooring increases, where you will not have to do maintenance activities every now and then, saving you a decent amount of money every year. But this is not the only benefit, the list goes on and on. Epoxy floors will definitely help to keep your space neat and clean. Your housekeeping team can now work faster without hurdles. With Epoxy, you can put on a burst of colour to your commercial space to make it more appealing. This idea can also be used to implement your brand’s colours into the flooring of your space.

Most commercial and industrial flooring in New Jersey are now adapting and installing Epoxy flooring as it is the popular flooring type used in NJ. Epoxy flooring NJ can be considered for all commercial or industrial spaces such as Manufacturing units, Hotels & Restaurants, Medical laboratory and research plants, Retail Stores, Warehouses and Garages etc. Esposito also known as the Epoxy Guy, Can help you provide multiple types of epoxy flooring to your desired space of interest.

For example, self-dispersing epoxy floors that are tremendously stronger which can withstand large and heavy objects or machineries. Self-levelling epoxy floors which are best for commercial or business offices and so many other choices which will be tailored to meet your exact requirements. Choose epoxy flooring as one of the best investments for your company, and choose Epoxy Guy to get the job done right in New Jersey!

Top 10 Types of Epoxy Coatings.

What is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy flooring is a two mixture that contains hardener and resin. It is the type of flooring that is mostly used in the industrial areas that have a high amount of heavy foot traffic and heavyweight machinery is required. Because of concrete floors, it can easily get damaged. Concrete floors are not made for heavy traffic. That is why most of the common areas are coated in Epoxy.

Epoxy flooring NJ

Types of Epoxy Floorings.

Different types of Epoxy Floorings are in the market to choose from. Each type of epoxy will give you very different special features. If you are planning to coat epoxy on your  if you are coati industries there are also kind of epoxy to give you floor more industrial qualities and benefitting in long-lasting

These are the common types of Epoxy Floor coatings used in commercial, and industrial areas.

Self-Dispersing Epoxy

Self-Dispersing Epoxy is one of the strongest and most durable epoxy floorings. It can be mixed with quartz sand to add durability. Due to its strength and durability Industries with the use of heavy machinery are using these types of Epoxy Floorings. Adding sand will give it another feature it reduces slippery and it performs as anti-slippery floorings. This feature gives it a benefit in the food processing industry.

Suitable Places

  • Industries with the use of heavy machineries.
  • Industries that have frequent use of Forklift.
  • Industries that have a chance liquid presence like Food processing and Agricultural Industries.

Self- Leveling Epoxy

Self-Leveling Floors NJ

Self –  Leveling Epoxy Flooring is one of the easiest methods of Epoxy Flooring. Mostly it is used to install over the new or old concrete floors. By creating a clean, smooth and seamless surface, they can level easily. You can install it on your old concrete floors to hide cracks and damages  to make it clean and smooth surface. Self –  Leveling Epoxy could also give you an aesthetic appeal to your Floors too. And also because of its easiness Professional Self-leveling Floors NJ installers could do within short time

Suitable Places

  • Kitchens, Dining Rooms, Storage rooms
  • Garages, Warehouses, Office buildings etc.

Mortar Epoxy Coatings

Mortar Epoxy Floor coatings are the strongest type in all Epoxy types. Mostly Mortar is used to repair the cracks before applying another Epoxy over it. Because of its strong nature it can easily fill the cracks. And also the strength feature gives it a benefit in large industries.

Suitable Places

  • Areas with high use of heavy machineries
  • Production industries
  • Manufacturing Plants

Gravel Coating

Gravel Coatings are the coatings that you can use it for designing. Mostly used for decorative floors. It is obviously an ideal choice if you want to add designs to your floors.

Suitable Places

  • Offices that requires designs.
  • Artistic interiors.

Flaked Epoxy Coatings

Flaked Epoxy Coatings is not much different like a decorative Epoxy. Adding colorful flakes to epoxy mix will give the coating a different aesthetics look. Like Gravel Epoxy Coating Flaked Epoxy is also mostly used to add different decorative designs

Suitable Places

  • Commercial kitchens
  • Medical Facilities
  • Artistic Interiors

ESD (Electrostatic Dissipating)

Epoxy floor installation NJ

An Electrostatic Dissipating Epoxy Floorings are mostly used in places that have Electrostatic discharge.  This type of coating is specially built Epoxy Coatings to reduce the risk of shock on normal surfaces by continuously conducting dissipating the static build-up on the surfaces slowing the rate of charge transfer.

Suitable Places

  • Static-free environments
  • Labs and Hospitals
  • Chemical and Electronic equipment manufacturing facilities

Vapor Barrier Epoxy Flooring

Vapor Barrier Epoxy Flooring is the kind of flooring that is used to resist the diffusion of moisture. Adding liquid Vapor barriers directly onto the concrete floors will make the floor impenetrable surface. This floor will reduce the transmission of vapor to zero. Typically this process is done before the laying of the final flooring option. Commonly the final options would be vinyl, carpet, hardwood, or tiles

Suitable Places

  • Kitchens and Bathrooms
  • Areas where there is a presence of water and moisture

Terrazzo Epoxy Flooring

Terrazzo Epoxy Floorings are a type of flooring just like the other decorative floorings. For luxurious looks and a smooth finish, Epoxy Terrazzo is composed of mixing epoxy and aggregates bound in a thin set system. An unlimited combination of color arrays can give an infinite number of decorative designs.

Suitable Places

  • Hallways or Entrances of commercial buildings

Metallic Epoxy Coating

Epoxy floor installers NJ

Metallic Epoxy coating is a multi-layered flooring method. It is composed by mixing metallic additive to clear epoxy coating.  Metallic finish looking can give your flooring some exotic look. This type of coating add shiny looks and 3D effects. Metallic Epoxy Coatings are mostly used in industrial or commercial areas to add designs to floor.

Suitable Places

  • Industrial or Commercial building
  • Artistic Interiors

Chemical Resistant Epoxy Coating

Chemical Resistant Epoxy coatings are the type of floorings that are used in Industries that may have the chance to spill chemicals. These floorings are the most essential chemical facilitated industries to protect floors. The special feature of this type of flooring could benefit long-lasting floors in industries.

Suitable Floors

  • Chemical Manufacturing Industries
  • Paper mills
  • Pharmaceutical Labs

These are the best types of Epoxy Coats you should consider for your flooring. Why do still use your old regular concrete floor when we have this much of options for your floor.

There are professional Epoxy Floor Installers NJ who can understand your requirements and install.