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Our homes are more than just a place to live. They are a sanctuary that should reflect our personality, style, and provide comfort. While many homeowners focus on enhancing their walls and furniture, the importance of flooring is often overlooked. However, your floors...

How does epoxy flooring benefit commercial spaces?

The flooring system known as epoxy coating is widely used and favored all over the world. Hardeners and resins are combined to create epoxy. It is versatile and can be found in both commercial and domestic settings. It successfully prevents the deterioration and...

Why epoxy flooring is the best choice for garages

What is epoxy? Epoxy coating NJ is a durable, protective substance used to prevent carbon steel tanks from degrading on the outside. Epoxy coating NJ offers superior resistance to abrasion, turbulence, harsh chemicals, and severe temperatures. Hardener and resin are...

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The place we call home plays a crucial role in our daily lives, providing us with comfort, security, and a sense of belonging. We all strive to make our homes a haven that reflects our personality, taste, and lifestyle. However, when it comes to making modifications,...

Benefits of using Epoxyguy

Epoxy floor leveling NJ, Epoxyguy aims to provide the highest caliber and performance epoxy flooring systems. We offer a one-stop shop for all of your flooring requirements. Epoxyguy Floor provides a comprehensive range of services, including self-leveling floors,...

The Benefits of Choosing Epoxy Flooring for Your Commercial

The Benefits of Choosing Epoxy Flooring for Your Commercial or Industrial Space Epoxy flooring is a popular choice for commercial and industrial settings because of its durability and ability to withstand heavy wear and tear. In addition to being long-lasting, epoxy...


Epoxy flooring seems to be the top choice for many builders now. Although they have been around for a while, consumers are not fully familiar with their concept yet. Epoxy or resinous flooring is a sustainable, long-lasting, and customizable flooring system, which...

Epoxy Floors: A Perfect Choice for Your Floors

Who doesn’t love home? Owning a home is every man’s dream. A house is not just a building with four walls. It is an amalgamation of desire, dreams, peace, and hope. That’s why every piece of equipment in the house is bought with such care. In that case, shouldn’t...

Cost-effective Epoxy flooring

Epoxy floors are the best option for homeowners looking for durability, affordability, and low maintenance. They can be installed over almost any type of surface including concrete, tile, and wood. The only thing you need is epoxy resin and a flooring knife!...

Highlights of using Epoxyguy, floor leveling NJ, the leading provider of Epoxy flooring systems

Highlights of using Epoxyguy Epoxy floor leveling NJ, Epoxyguy strives to deliver epoxy flooring systems of the finest quality and performance. We provide you with a one-stop solution for all your flooring needs. Epoxyguy floor  offers a wide range of services from...

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Cost-effective Epoxy flooring

Epoxy floors are the best option for homeowners looking for durability, affordability, and low maintenance. They can be installed over almost any type of surface including concrete, tile, and wood. The only thing you need is epoxy resin and a flooring knife!


Epoxy flooring is applied in two layers. The first layer is a primer, which helps the epoxy adhere to the surface and cover any imperfections or scratches on the floor. After applying this primer, you can then apply your epoxy flooring in thin coats of about 1/8 inch thick each time.

After you have completed all of your coats of epoxy, it will take between 12-48 hours for the second layer (the actual cured product) to cure depending on temperature and humidity conditions during installation. This means that if you have an existing finish such as varnish or lacquer that must be removed before installing new flooring then it may need to wait until after curing before removing it completely


The leveling process is the process of filling in low spots and leveling the surface. Leveling is performed with a mixture of epoxy and hardener, which is applied using a trowel or squeegee.


Polishing your epoxy flooring will help to make it look more natural and less like a concrete slab. There are three ways you can polish your epoxy floors:

  • Using a floor polisher. This involves using a machine that vibrates the surface of the floor and then buying it with liquid wax once it has been polished. It’s important to choose a good quality product for this step because poor quality products can dull or even damage your surface over time, which is why we recommend using our Eco-Friendly Epoxy Floor Polish.
  • Using a cleaner/wax combination product such as our All Purpose Cleaner & Protectant or Epoxy Polish Paste with Microfiber Cloth Pad (sold separately). These cleaners remove dirt, grime, and fingerprints while leaving behind a shine that keeps things looking fresh year after year – just like new!

Epoxy is the only way to go! Friendly, Affordable, and Durable. Epoxy floors are low maintenance, dust free, and easy to clean.

Epoxy is a great choice for new construction or remodeling. It’s low maintenance, dust free, and easy to clean. Epoxy floors are ideal for high-traffic areas because they don’t show dirt, as well as other materials, do. A quality epoxy floor can last a lifetime under normal conditions!

Epoxy does not have to be expensive either! If you’re looking to add some flair to your home or business then give us a call today at 201-803-9900 so we can help with all of your needs!

Epoxy floors are the best option for any home that needs a new look. They’re easy to install, they look great and they will last forever!

Highlights of using Epoxyguy, floor leveling NJ, the leading provider of Epoxy flooring systems

Highlights of using Epoxyguy

Epoxy floor leveling NJ, Epoxyguy strives to deliver epoxy flooring systems of the finest quality and performance. We provide you with a one-stop solution for all your flooring needs. Epoxyguy floor  offers a wide range of services from effective flooring systems to shot blasting and self-leveling floors. Sprucing up your floors is not just what we do, we help you experience the most out of your floors both in appearance and performance. Helping you witness floors that you truly deserve. Floors that are dull and damaged take a huge toll on the overall appearance of a room, our epoxy flooring solutions completely transform these floors into highly appealing and captivating floors.

Epoxy floor leveling NJ

Epoxyguy provides your floors a complete makeover to transform them into fine works of art. Floors require care and attention and that’s what we at Epoxyguy provide, Epoxy flooring solutions can be used to treat cracks in the floor, unlevelled surfaces, and the overall appearance of the floors. Epoxy flooring solutions are used by different sectors to satisfy needs and requirements of their own. Being the best providers of effective epoxy flooring systems we aim not only to satisfy all your flooring needs and requirements but also to exceed all your expectations you had of your floors. A deteriorated floor takes a toll on the overall appearance of a room as well as the performance that the floor can actually deliver, using epoxy flooring solutions floors one can unlock a floor’s full potential. Our ability to provide the best possible flooring systems which are best suited for you is what makes us stand out. We believe that customer satisfaction is the key to our success, hence we would like to address all of our client’s concerns and provide them with an exceptional solution.

Epoxyguy – The best choice for all your flooring needs – Epoxy floor service NJ

Epoxyguy is the leading provider of effective epoxy floor service NJ (across New Jersey). The ability of Epoxyguy to transform and revitalize old and dull floors into elegant and captivating floors that one cannot take their eyes off is what makes them stand out. The floors we walk on are an essential part of our lives but yet we never think twice about it, that is what Epoxyguy aims to change. Flooring needs vary from person to person depending on their needs and requirements, Epoxyguy assesses your needs and provides the best flooring solutions that are perfect to meet all your requirements. They have a highly qualified team that focuses on satisfying all our clients’ flooring expectations. Epoxyguy aims to provide a complete makeover for your old, dull, and damaged floors by focussing on aesthetic appeal, durability, and functionality. As a company that believes customer satisfaction is key, we have aimed to provide the best to all our customers. They have worked on numerous projects which have given Epoxyguy experience and confidence to tackle any flooring-related problems that one faces.

Epoxy floor service NJ

epoxy flooring

Their years of service in providing effective flooring solutions have given them experience in various sectors such as industrial, commercial, pharmaceutical, and educational. Each of these sectors will have needs and requirements of its own for its floors. Epoxyguy’s mission is to provide the best possible flooring solution according to each of their needs. The quality of their work is just impeccable and this enables them to exceed the expectations of the clients. “Is it worth it?” is a very commonly asked question and the short answer to it is yes! In the long run, using Epoxy flooring solutions is much more cost-effective and advantageous to the user. The durability of Epoxy flooring solutions makes sure that they do not have to be replaced for a long time, thus resulting in an affordable and cost-effective solution for all your flooring needs.

epoxy flooring NJ

It gives them a strong, durable, and at the same time stylish floor that is visually appealing. Installing Epoxy floors is a very simple process, it is quick and easy to install. This makes sure that the whole flooring process is fast and does not affect your business for a long period of time.

Epoxyguy specializes in providing floors that provide the highest performance, smoothness, and a long-lasting surface that can withstand heavy loads. All of which are very appealing to our clients. Epoxy flooring is very friendly to the environment. There are no chemicals or other hazardous products used in the manufacturing process of Epoxy floors, that is no chemicals are required to keep these floors clean and hygienic. The durability associated with Epoxy flooring solutions makes sure that these floors do not have to be replaced for a long period of time.

The benefits of using Epoxy flooring are many, it gives superior style, durability, adaptability, and sustainability. The wide range of Epoxy coatings and Epoxy flooring solutions along with their state-of-the-art installation services make them one of the best Epoxy flooring companies in New Jersey.

Types of Epoxy Floor Coatings And Their Applications

Epoxy flooring genuinely stands out from other flooring options when it comes to selecting new flooring systems for industrial use, coating garage floors, or any other outdoor surfaces. Epoxy flooring also referred to as resinous flooring, is extremely resilient, adaptable, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing for any surface. Epoxy flooring NJ is one of the most durable flooring alternatives because of its resilience to significant wear and tear.

Different Epoxy Flooring Types:

Self-Leveling Epoxy: Self-leveling epoxy is used to cover concrete floors that are brand new, decades-old, cracked, or otherwise damaged in order to provide a surface that is level, smooth, and durable. Self-leveling epoxy floors offer a flawless, polished appearance. The self-leveling floor can be used in a variety of locations, including manufacturing facilities, warehouses, showrooms, commercial garages, kitchens, and sporting facilities.

Quartz-Filled Epoxy Floors: Quartz epoxy flooring combines tinted quartz grains with a high-performance epoxy polymer resin. The use of this epoxy is recommended for decorative regions that need to be hygienic and slip-resistant. Use quartz-filled epoxy floors in lobbies, toilets, schools, cafeterias, offices, showrooms, and other locations.

Epoxy Mortar Floors: This type of flooring is the most rigorous epoxy floor system that is currently in use. For areas that need a floor that is extremely chemically resistant and can withstand significant impact, mortar systems are perfect. Epoxy mortar floors can be used in factories, warehouses, commercial kitchens, restaurants, garages, and mechanical rooms.

ESD-resistant floors: Electro-static charge (ESD) can be dangerous in many work environments, which is why anti-static epoxy floors are also known as ESD-resistant floors. Anti-static epoxy floors can be installed to lessen any static risks in your premises. For areas where combustible products are present, an epoxy floor with an anti-static solution is strongly advised. Electronic, chemical, or pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, healthcare facilities, or any locations that use volatile gases or liquids that pose a risk of combustible dust buildup should use anti-static epoxy floors.

Epoxy Flake Floors: This type of epoxy floor incorporates colorful flake elements with the epoxy to create a bright, multicolored appearance. Epoxy flake flooring is available in an unlimited number of sizes, colors, designs, and textures, making them suitable for every environment. Epoxy Flake Floors are commonly used in locker rooms, sports venues, showrooms, clinics, commercial kitchens, and other areas.

Epoxy flooring is a flexible solution for all types of floors, and it is functional, long-lasting, impact-resistant, and adaptable to any space.

Esposito LLC provides expert installation and application of a wide range of epoxy coatings and epoxy flooring solutions. Our epoxy coatings and concrete leveling jersey are suitable for a wide range of commercial and industrial structures. If you have any floor-related problems, Esposito is the best option you can choose.


Epoxy floor coatings are extensively utilized for commercial and industrial flooring. Epoxy Flooring NJ is typically applied over concrete floors to provide a high-performance, smooth, and long-lasting surface that can withstand heavy loads. Many industrial sites, warehouses, and commercial buildings rely on epoxy floors to keep workers, equipment, and inventory clean and safe.Epoxy flooring NJ


Epoxy is a term that refers to a mixture of hardeners and resins and a rigid plastic substance made up of densely linked cross-polymer structures is formed. Epoxy coating professionals use liquid epoxy to treat concrete floors. The epoxy coating, however, may only be applied by skilled personnel. These professionals may also guarantee that the original surface is suitable and that the appropriate materials are used.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring NJ has several advantages, some of them listed below.

Resistant And Long-Lasting

Epoxy coating clings to existing floor surfaces in a smooth, long-lasting manner, resulting in high-quality, long-lasting surfaces. Epoxy flooring is also extremely durable and resistant to wear. As a result, it’s an excellent choice for commercial and industrial settings. Epoxy coatings can endure continual activity from delivery trucks, heavy machinery, and forklifts, as well as foot traffic from consumers and employees. Furthermore, because epoxy flooring is resistant to unexpected impact, any mishaps, such as spilled cargo, will not harm your floor surfaces.

Beautiful Floor Surface

Because of its appealing appearance, epoxy flooring is popular among company owners. An Epoxy coating NJ gives old and tired flooring a new lease on life, resulting in a bright, eye-catching surface. There are also a variety of textures and colors to pick from. As a result, you can match your flooring to the rest of your building, or even to the color scheme of your firm.

secure working environment

Because of the wide variety of color choices, it’s also possible to create defined zones by using different colors and designs on separate portions of the floor. This makes epoxy floor flooring ideal for large spaces to guarantee that vehicles and workers move safely. Epoxy coatings are resistant to extreme and quick impact, slippages, high temperatures, and even fire. Furthermore, epoxy floor coating can increase the brightness of a room by up to 300 percent.

Reduces Machinery Damage

The smooth and seamless surface formed by epoxy coating is more forgiving on the machinery that travels over it than other types of flooring, as well as resistant enough to withstand the weight of a continual stream of traffic. This means less wear and tear on the company’s transportation equipment, resulting in decreased maintenance expenditures. Reduces the risk of machinery damage.


Epoxy coating is helpful for the environment in a variety of ways, as well as being a fantastic solution for your company and employees. Epoxy coating is a straightforward industrial process that employs non-hazardous materials. You don’t need to use harsh or toxic chemicals to keep your Epoxy floors NJ clean and dirt-free. Because of the additional illumination provided by an epoxy surface, large industrial and commercial facilities do not require additional lighting, conserving energy. Because Industrial Epoxy Flooring NJ are long-lasting, you won’t have to replace them for a long time, resulting in less waste.


Epoxy floor coating can be costly. However, because it will not need to be replaced for many years, its durability alone makes it an extremely cost-effective option. When you consider the savings on vehicle repairs, lighting, cleaning, and installation, it’s clear that epoxy flooring will save you money in the long run as well.

Fast Application

Another advantage of epoxy flooring is that it is quick and simple to install. This means you won’t have to close your business or halt production for an extended period of time, saving you time and money

Simple to Clean.

Cracks and pores in other types of flooring surfaces attract a lot of bacteria and debris, making them difficult to clean. Epoxy flooring, on the other hand, gives a smooth, totally sealed surface. Epoxy flooring NJ is significantly easier to clean and maintain since it lacks crevices and pores. In truth, all you need to clean epoxy flooring and keep it looking new is warm soapy water.Industrial Epoxy Flooring NJ

Epoxy flooring has lots of benefits, as this list demonstrates. We Esposito LLC in New Jersey will help you to build an epoxy floor that is ideal for your commercial and industrial spaces.



You may have a general idea of what epoxy is. The component epoxy is made by combining two major elements, which are hardeners and resins. Epoxy can do wonders to your commercial space floorings as it prevents damages and cracks on the concrete floors.

Normal concrete floors in commercial spaces are more prone to damage due to the increased engagement of heavy machinery and a large number of people. These damages can result in significant maintenance costs and can even endanger the workers on the floor. Which is why epoxy flooring should be a top priority for your commercial and industrial spaces.

How do Epoxy floors NJ help you in your commercial and industrial spaces? Epoxy floors are considered as saviours of commercial and business spaces. As we stated above, they really do wonders to your floorings by providing strength, durability, safety in many aspects and absolute lower maintenance charges that will save your budgets to a great extent.

Epoxy, when installed, converts itself into a polymer that is solid in state and it gets stronger by time, preventing decay of chemicals. As it grows stronger, the durability of the flooring increases, where you will not have to do maintenance activities every now and then, saving you a decent amount of money every year. But this is not the only benefit, the list goes on and on. Epoxy floors will definitely help to keep your space neat and clean. Your housekeeping team can now work faster without hurdles. With Epoxy, you can put on a burst of colour to your commercial space to make it more appealing. This idea can also be used to implement your brand’s colours into the flooring of your space.

Most commercial and industrial flooring in New Jersey are now adapting and installing Epoxy flooring as it is the popular flooring type used in NJ. Epoxy flooring NJ can be considered for all commercial or industrial spaces such as Manufacturing units, Hotels & Restaurants, Medical laboratory and research plants, Retail Stores, Warehouses and Garages etc. Esposito also known as the Epoxy Guy, Can help you provide multiple types of epoxy flooring to your desired space of interest.

For example, self-dispersing epoxy floors that are tremendously stronger which can withstand large and heavy objects or machineries. Self-levelling epoxy floors which are best for commercial or business offices and so many other choices which will be tailored to meet your exact requirements. Choose epoxy flooring as one of the best investments for your company, and choose Epoxy Guy to get the job done right in New Jersey!