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“The key to the success of any floor system starts with proper preparation, without it, the system is destined to fail”. -Nicholas Esposito, Owner 

Know what to look for

Hydrostatic Pressure

Un-qualified Applicators

Thermal Shock

Most frequently, Improper Surface Preparation

The incorrect system in the wrong environment

Esposito L.L.C. uses the most advanced technologies and many years of experience to ensure that your floor has a sound and proper surface preparation so that they are operational for years to come. Some of the technologies we use are as follows:
Shot blasting is a cost effective and environmentally friendly method for preparing concrete surfaces. This labor and timesaving process strips, cleans and profiles simultaneously.
Leaves the surface immediately ready for the application of coatings or overlays.
Eliminates drying time and costly disposal procedures associated with other surface preparation methods.
Produces the highest bonding character of any surface preparation method.

Shot Blasting

The scarifying method is best used to remove concrete, fast and aggressively. It is an ideal preparation for older concrete that has heavy soil, coatings, and over-layments.
Repairs common slab problems: curled joints, high spots, uneven slabs, burned areas from over-troweling, trowel marks and damage due to weather
Removes oil and contaminants, mill scale and rust
Remove epoxy coatings, thermoplastic coatings, paint and traffic lines
Remove glues and adhesives
Levels uneven surfaces and trip hazards
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